Welcome to my Testimonial page.

All Testimonials on this page are unedited in the way they are provided by past and current Clients of mine. Most of them are willing to be a Reference for me and ‘Prospective Clients’ can get in contact with any of them by contacting me.

I thank all of my Clients for their business, kind words and their help on being a Reference for me   – Stephen Bok.


“How do we even begin to thank you. I gave you a giant task and an even bigger list of things to get done in 3 days!!! In addition, I requested patience, thoughtfulness and sensitivity for my mom as she was relocating not only her belongings but her life. You executed a complete house clean out that included separating for moving, donations and garbage. You did it all effortlessly and made a friend in the process. My mom refers to you as an angel and a lifesaver. Thank you for leaving her organized and cleaned out! Anyone would be lucky to have you on their team. Thank you!”

P.D. – La Jolla, San Diego

“Stephen, thank you so much for taking time to steer me in the right direction. I can’t thank you enough for giving hope to my family and me that all this work is do-able. Your assistance is invaluable in this overwhelming time.. I am so very grateful.”

R.R. – Otay Ranch, San Diego

“Stephen helped me organize, sort and pack contents of my vacation condo that I sold recently. He saved me an additional flight and several hours with my family, and made the process pain-free. Highly recommend his services to bring calm to any cluttered household.”

V.R. – La Jolla, San Diego

“Stephen spent many hours in my home helping me to discard items that no longer served me. The dedication, perseverance and willing to go above and beyond the call of duty helped me, a hoarder, not only to discard items but to prioritize tasks. I was preparing for a move and could not have done it without the invaluable help I obtained from Stephen. He is a kind, easy to get along with, punctual, helpful and extremely organized himself. His suggestions are practical, well thought out and easy to accomplish. I would recommend Stephen highly to anyone who needs his type of services.”

E.G. – North Park, San Diego

“I utilized Stephen’s services to help me downsize for a recent move. My goals were to downsize my stuff and I ended up getting more freedom, space, and peace with my stuff than I ever thought possible. By the time we were done and moved into my new house everything had a specific place that was strategically planned and executed by Stephen. It feels amazing to know where everything is and to have my home be a sanctuary that supports me in living a great life. Stephen did a amazing job and I highly recommend his services!”

M.M. – Encinitas, San Diego

“I hired Stephen from an ad he placed on Craigslist. I was appreciative that he stated his association with a professional organizers’ group which gave me peace of mind with his background. Stephen was wonderful with the sorting of many accumulation of things I had stored for thirty years in a closet in the basement. We worked together cleaning and classifying my many items. I love that he was very into recycling. I felt good donating many things, trashing others and selling some items he helped me determine of having value. I now have plastic bins with covers organized, labeled and easily accessible. What peace of mind! Thanks!”

M.S. – Potomac, Maryland

“Stephen did an amazing job of installing the new closet system in my master bedroom. It looks so nice, I don’t want to put anything in it! During the entire process, he was always very professional and quick with responses when I had questions, even once waiting on the phone to answer my many questions while I was in the store purchasing the closet system. On the day of installation, he was prompt and was able to complete the project in the estimated time. I will definitely refer him to friends looking for professional organization services and I am already thinking of new projects for him to tackle.”

C.L. – Lake Arbor, Maryland

“Stephen did an amazing job helping to organize my basement and garage; he was professional, thorough, efficient and really helped me redefine and maximize the use of the space.”

C.J. – Arlington, Virginia

“Stephen Bok turned a disaster of a storage room into a perfect sustainable area! We celebrate and entertain for many parties and many holidays throughout the year. We have bins and bins of stuff that never was in the right place (you could not walk in the room). Stephen made it into an amazing area! As a real estate broker for over 14 years, I wish Stephen could make it into over half of the homes I have sold! He is worth every penny and is super talented and very reasonable!”

W.S. – Woodbridge, Virginia

“Wanted to drop you a line to say thank you, again, for all of the work you did with me to get my apartment organized.  It feels so good to have everything in its place, know where everything is, and be able to visualize next steps, like a redone kitchen and bathroom.  I couldn’t even think about home improvement when my place felt like it was in such disarray.  My favorite part is just walking in and knowing there’s nothing hanging over my head to do when I come home.  I can just sit and enjoy where I live.”

L.L. – Bethesda, Maryland

“After years of accumulating “stuff” in our attic we decided it was time to clean out and organize. Our attic had so many things in it, you could barely move around and finding something you were looking for took a very long time. Our “go to” organizer and Stephen came and in just a few hours it was turned into a beautiful clutter free attic where everything was put into categories and labeled. Every minute was spent working efficiently to get the project completed. They also helped us make choices as to if we really needed to keep items or if they could be donated or put in the trash. They even offered to take the donations to charities! Their organization skills are amazing and it was a pleasure to work with them.”

S.J. – Alexandria, Virginia

“I highly recommend Mr. Bok for any of your organization and building needs. Mr. Bok prepared a quality closet redesign for us and we would not hesitate to use his services again in the future. He was also prompt with communication and services and efficient with his time as well as respectful of ours. He will help you develop a creative solution to your storage challenges.”

R.L. – Arlington, Virginia

More testimonials coming very soon


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