Here you will find a bit more detailed information about me and my organizing experience.

My name is Stephen Bok, Professional Organizer & Redesign Specialist with over 15 years of experience. Serving Placer County and San Diego, California.

I am a friendly, easy to get along with open minded man, a dedicated and hard worker with over 15 years of experience in improving business, commercial and residential spaces with efficient solutions. A experienced manager of diverse projects, meeting tight deadlines and offering excellent customer service. Possess excellent organizational skills with strong attention to detail and cleanliness, bringing increased order to processes. Demonstrated creativity in graphic design and marketing to effectively promote events and services for over 15 years.

I am originally from Leiden, The Netherlands (Europe) and from a young age as a child already naturally gifted in being clean and organized. In July 2007 I decided to move to San Diego, California where I lived and worked before moving to Arlington, Virginia in 2011. For over 15 years in all my previous jobs I have been growing my skills as an Organizer and will do excellent work with any type of client whether they are residential or a small business. I will work together with the client to organize anything to its fullest potential and increase efficiency in any space, room or office.
Equally important if not more important, I will advise and teach the client the ways to keep their space organized and become organized themselves. I am a member of the National Association of Productivity & Organizing Professionals (NAPO), served on the Board of Directors of the NAPO Washington DC Metro Chapter (2012-2015) and the NAPO San Diego Chapter (2016-2017).

Let me tell you a little about my work experience and what I did.

When living in The Netherlands my first job was at a Tree Nursery where I worked for 17 years. Assisted them to grow from 6 acres of land to about 26 acres of land by the time I left the company. Later I got to work at a International Moving Company as a Moving Specialist where I packed up clients incoming and outgoing belongings and prepared them for storage or shipping. I was also in charge of keeping the warehouse organized and maintained and the moving products stocked. After that I got to work at a sports product warehouse as the Order Fulfillment Manager. I managed the incoming and outgoing flow off sold and ordered products in the warehouse, correct labeling and all of it’s paperwork. Also assisted on the building of a new sports mega store where I was in charge of creating all the storage space, the incoming products and most of it’s logistics.

In San Diego I started working at a Digital Marketing Consultancy where I reorganized company files and assisted in the redesign and reconstruction of the office layout and storage spaces. It’s CEO was also a salon franchise with 2 salons and got to work there as the General Maintenance Worker. In 2 years I worked my way up to be the Facility Manager for a total of 16 salons where I organized and maintained 16 locations with a combined total of 230+ rooms owned and run by 4 franchisees including the CEO of the franchise. I remodeled and improved the salons and it’s rooms visual aspects, organized offices and storage spaces and serviced all of the salons equipment.

My education contains Business Management and Graphic Design. I studied a lot of creative classes including, Visual Merchandising, Window Dressing, Logo & Letter Design and Color Study. In my time outside of work I founded various organizations, produced and promoted music events for over 15 years and performed all over the world as a DJ.